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Gold Whisky/Cocktail Stones 24K


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24K Gold whisky stones- stainless steel whisky stones plated in 24K Gold – Luxury gift. This item can be used in any other drinks, cocktails, gin & tonic or any drink you like.

Ideal gift for any occasion.

  • 8 Cubes
  • Freezer tray
  • Barman tongs with rubber ends for grip
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In stock

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Chill your whisky or cocktail with these sleek & elegant Whisky stones embellished in real 24K gold

Stainless steel whisky stones embellished in luxurious 24K Gold.

A set of 8 reusable whisky chilling stones, just put them in the freezer for approx 3 hours, pour a drink, drop 3-4 stones in then just kick back and relax.


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