Gold Plating Services

Gold Plating Service

Elevate your possessions to unparalleled levels of elegance with our comprehensive Gold Plating Service, designed for discerning individuals and businesses alike. Our expertise extends beyond traditional gold plating; we offer a luxurious selection of finishes, including the classic sheen of 24k gold, the subtle sophistication of 18k gold, the unique charm of 18k Rose Gold, and the exquisite prestige of Platinum and Rhodium plating.

Ideal for both corporate clients looking to enhance their brand’s appeal with exquisitely plated merchandise and individuals seeking to add a touch of grandeur to their personal items, our service is tailored to meet diverse needs. The meticulous process we employ ensures a flawless and enduring finish, transforming your items into timeless pieces of art.

Whether you desire the radiant allure of 24k gold, the understated elegance of 18k gold, the romantic hue of 18k Rose Gold, the high-end sophistication of Platinum, or the brilliant durability of Rhodium, our skilled artisans are adept at creating the perfect finish for your items. Combined with our Crystal Embellishment Services, we provide a one-stop solution for those aspiring to infuse their possessions with luxury and style.

Entrust us with your items, and let us redefine them as symbols of luxury and refinement. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our wide range of plating options, positions us as the premier choice for bespoke gold plating services, esteemed by both businesses and private clients.

Our Gold Plating Service specialises in elevating the elegance of watches, with a particular emphasis on using 18k gold. This choice is not only for its sophisticated, slightly paler hue compared to 24k gold but also for its enhanced durability. The inherent robustness of 18k gold makes it an ideal choice for watches, ensuring that they not only exhibit luxury but also withstand the rigours of daily wear.

Simultaneously, we take pride in our innovative approach to plating with 24k gold. Understanding the traditional softness of 24k gold, we use a cobalt hardened 24k that uses a very small amount of cobalt. This significantly hardens the 24k gold, thus enhancing its wearability without compromising its rich, pure gold colour. This method ensures that items plated with our 24k gold not only exude the highest level of opulence but also maintain their pristine condition for longer.

Simply complete the form below and we will respond promptly with a bespoke quotation for the work you require. To assist us in providing an accurate quotation, please include as much detail as possible and upload a photo (or photos) of your item.

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We can customise many items, from a vintage watch case in luxury 24K Gold to a brand new iPhone 13 Pro in Rose Gold – or even a pair of candlesticks in 24k Gold!

As an alternative to our gold plating service, why not try our Crystal Embellishment Service. Have a pair of Beats headphones or Christian Louboutin shoes embellished in superb sparkling crystals.

Follow the simple steps below if you require customisation of any product.

  • Complete the form below and provide us with details and photos of your item.

  • We will then provide you with a quotation.

  • If you wish to proceed then just send the product to us via Recorded & Signed for post.

  • When the product has been customised we will send you an invoice for payment.

  • Payment has to be cleared in our account prior to release of goods.

  • Product will be shipped to you by recorded and signed for post.

Gold Plating Service from Elite Luxury Gold Plating

Please note: Plating cannot be used to cover scratches as any damage will still be visible after plating. In many cases, due to the high sheen finish of our plating service, scratches may become even more noticeable.

Listed below is a list of examples of items that can be plated or re-plated

Jewelry, (Rings, Necklaces, Chains, Pendants, Earrings etc) iPhone Stainless Steel Edge – (Silver with White Back Model Only)
24k,18k Gold or Rose Gold plated watches and straps Bathroom Taps And Fixtures
Car Badges/Accessories Apple Watch (Stainless Steel Version)
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (Stainless Steel) Yacht/Boat Accessories
Ornaments Cutlery
Antiques Coins
Zippo Lighters Golf Club Shafts
Coffee Machines Tattoo Machines (Stainless Steel)
Motorbike Accessories

We can plate any metals with the exception of aluminium (for the time being).

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