Gold Knife Set Arthur Price


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Arthur Price 24K Gold Plated Beaded Steak Knives- Set of 6. Cut through your steak or meat with ease and style.

  • 24K Gold Plated
  • 6 Steak Knives
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Gold Knife Set Arthur Price.
Arthur price set of 6 24k gold plated steak knife set. This luxurious set of six steak knives by Arthur Price has traditional design features of bead detailing around each handle, which gives a lovely sophisticated finish to the product. These fine edge blades will slice cleanly through all types of steaks and other meats, and are easy to keep sharp.

These lovely, well-made 24K gold plated steak knives will be a great addition to your existing cutlery set. Are you looking for a new luxury complete cutlery set? Click here to view our 24k gold plated Robert Welch Honeybourne cutlery set.


Brief History of Arthur Price.
Arthur Price himself was born on 3 March 1865. He spent two decades in the flatware industry as a young man. He set up his own company in Aston, Birmingham, in the name of Arthur Price of England, Master Cutlers & Silversmiths. In 1912, the company was commissioned to supply the top range of cutlery for the RMS Titanic‘s maiden voyage.
History Of The Business.
The company was adaptable to adverse economic conditions, says Bryson. Arthur Price adapted its business strategy in the 1940s and 1950s, because technology and labour changed, and consumerism became a growing influence on manufacturing. In the 1940s, Arthur Price was a factory-led company because it was driven by what it could produce. In contrast, the following decade saw a growing shift towards a consumer-driven economy.
The difference for Arthur Price was that the company later tailored the production to what was desired. By this time, it had become the largest manufacturer of stainless steel cutlery in Britain and was the first to use chrome plating in its production.

Article courtesy of Wikipedia. Click here to read further.


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