The Cost of Dipping a Ring in White Gold in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide


White gold plating typically known as or referred to as Rhodium plating, offers a stunning and cost-effective way to rejuvenate and protect jewelry, particularly rings. In the UK, the cost of dipping a ring in white gold can vary depending on several factors. This article aims to explain these variations and provide a clear understanding of the associated costs.

What is White Gold Plating?

Contrary to what the term suggests, ‘white gold plating’ does not typically involve applying a layer of white gold. In reality, it usually refers to the process of plating rhodium onto white gold jewellery. White gold itself is an alloy made by combining gold with white metals like palladium or nickel, giving it a paler hue compared to yellow gold. However, white gold on its own often doesn’t achieve the desired bright, silvery finish. That’s where rhodium plating comes in.

Rhodium, a member of the platinum family, is known for its exceptional brightness and durability. When applied to white gold, it enhances the jewellery’s appearance, giving it a reflective, mirror-like finish. This plating not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the ring but also adds a protective layer, making it more resistant to scratches and tarnish. Over time, the rhodium plating can wear off, necessitating re-plating to maintain its lustrous appearance.


Image showing a white gold ring that has been rhodium plated

                               White gold dipped – Rhodium plated ring

Factors Affecting the Cost

Various factors such as the type of ring or item, the quality of the base material, the thickness of the plating, and any additional design details can influence the cost of white gold plating a ring in the UK.

Average Costs in the UK

On average, white gold plating a ring (Rhodium) in the UK can range from relatively affordable to more premium prices. This variance is due to the metal’s quality and the complexity of the service offered. Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals so having a thicker plating would add more cost to the job.


Understanding the cost of dipping a ring in white gold in the UK is crucial for making an informed decision. The price can vary significantly based on several factors, but the end result is often a beautifully rejuvenated piece of jewelry.


  1. How long does (Rhodium) white gold plating last on a ring? 

    The longevity of white gold plating on a ring is influenced by various factors, such as the thickness of the plating, the frequency of wear, and the care given to the ring, typically resulting in a duration of one to two years. Regular exposure to chemicals and physical abrasion will shorten its lifespan.

  2. Can any ring be plated in white gold? 

    Most rings can be plated in white gold, especially if they are made of metal. However, rings made from materials like tungsten or with certain gemstones that can’t withstand the plating process might not be suitable. It’s best to consult with a professional plater for specific advice.

  3. Is white gold plating more expensive than other types of plating? 

    Rhodium White gold plating is often more expensive than other types of metal plating like silver or nickel and is generally more expensive than platinum plating and Gold plating. The cost difference is primarily due to the value of the metals used in the plating solution.

  4. How do I care for my white gold plated ring? 

    To care for your white gold plated ring, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or cleaning agents. Remove the ring during activities that might scratch the surface, like manual labour or sports. Clean it gently with a soft cloth and mild soap, and store it separately to prevent scratches.

  5. Are there any risks associated with white gold plating? 

    The primary risks associated with white gold plating are potential allergic reactions for some people, particularly if nickel is used in the plating process. There is also the risk of the plating wearing off over time, especially with frequent use or exposure to harsh environments. Choosing a reputable plater and proper maintenance can mitigate these risks.

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