E coating Jewellery

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E coating: Jewellery What is Ecoating? Ecoating Jewellery or Electrophoretic Coating Jewellery, is a process that utilises electrical current to deposit paint or coating onto a substrate. It ensures a uniform application even on complex geometries. This innovative approach minimises waste and enhances finish quality. Making it an ideal choice for industries ranging from automotive

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Plating on Plastics

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Plating on Plastics: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Durability and Aesthetics Introduction to Plating on Plastics Plating on plastics is an advanced surface treatment technique that involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto a plastic substrate. This process combines the benefits of both metal and plastic materials, providing enhanced durability, conductivity, and aesthetic appeal.

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Rhodium Plating White Gold Jewelry

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Rhodium Plating White gold Jewelry is a popular choice, especially for engagement and wedding rings. However, white gold is not naturally white but rather a yellowish colour. People typically plate white gold with rhodium to achieve the desired white colour. In this article, we'll delve into rhodium plating, discussing what it is and how to

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Brief History of Gold

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Brief History Of Gold At Elite Luxury, we consider gold to be central to our lives. This naturally occurring mineral has captured our fascination for thousands of years, and we wanted to explore how and why. The rarity of this precious metal, mined from within our planet for centuries, maybe the reason for man's obsession

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